New Player Model - Andy Capp

has now released his new, original, player model for Kingpin. The model is Andy Capp the infamous British comic strip character. Andy is best described as a layabout.

The model has Kingpin weapon support and just has one skin.

Great to see a new original player model released :)

You can download Andy Capp from here.

Just unzip all the files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.



Mr.Damage | Saturday 10 October 2020 - 17:14 | News, Model | No comments
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Andy Capp Player Model News

has finished working on his Andy Capp player model for Kingpin and is currently doing some testing.

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New Player Model On Way

is currently working on a new, original, player model for Kingpin. This one is Andy Capp the famous British comic strip character.

As it's being made from scratch there are many challenges but hopefully it wont be too long before the model is finished :)

Mr.Damage | Thursday 01 October 2020 - 20:46 | Model, News | 1 comment
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Kingpin Model Viewer 1.1.2

has created Kingpin Model Viewer by combining MDX viewer and MD2 Viewer.

You can now view MDX and MD2 models with 1 viewer.

It also includes some new features:

  • view Kingpin mdx and md2 models
  • option to export main model into MD2 File format (no more crash)
  • middle-mouse-click+drag to move the model view.
  • BBox info.
  • 1st person view.
  • pcx support.
  • fixes

Download Kingpin Model Viewer 1.1.2 here

Download Kingpin Model Viewer 1.1.2 source here.



FREDZ | Thursday 09 January 2020 - 17:08 | News, Model | 1 comment
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Blender MD2 and MDX updated

has update the MD2 and MDX importer/exporter for Blender v.279

You can now load directly MDX models into Blender without converting them first.

Download MD2 import and exporter here.

Download MDX import and exporter here.

Just install them in youre Blender\2.79\ folder.


FREDZ | Tuesday 31 December 2019 - 03:54 | News, Model | 2 comments
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Male Majin Buu Player Model

Here is an older player model I had actually forgotten about.

This one is Majin Buu, a villain from the Dragonball Z universe, and was creayed by .

The model only comes with one skin but with full Kingpin weapon support.

You can download Majin Buu from here.



Mr.Damage | Sunday 21 July 2019 - 01:35 | Model | No comments
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Droid Player Models Zipfiles Updated

I have updated the zipfiles for the Female Droid and Male Droid Models.

They are the same model but the Female Droid had a lot more skins so I have included all the skins in both zipfiles.

You can download the Droid Models from here:-

Female Droid

Male Droid

Just extract/unzip the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.

I have also included custom sounds in the Male Droid zip file. Custom sounds for the player models now work in Kingpin but you need to install the latest MH'S Kingpin patch (ver5).

You just install the patch and you will now see a new option in the Options Menu for custom player model sounds yes/no.

You can download the MH's Kingpin patch here.





Mr.Damage | Tuesday 18 June 2019 - 03:14 | Model | No comments

Male Hydralisk Player Model

One of the lesser known custom player models is Male Hydralisk. The model is based on the Zerg Hydralisk from Starcraft and was converted from Quake 2. I am not sure who converted it to Kingpion (probably Sylacs or Knight) but th original Quake 2 model was made by Warlord.

It just has one skin and no viewable weapons (it attacks you with its claws).

You can downloa Male Hydralisk from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correctb locations.

If you want to grab all the player models made for Kingpin so far get the models pack here.



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New Player Model Released - Leela

We now have a second player model from the TV show Futurama in Kingpin. We already had Bender and now he is joined by Leela. Leela is the one eyed, sewer mutant, spaceship captain and pilot. 

The model was converted from Quake 3 by Zeppelin[FnR] with some help from Hypov8. I have included the custom sounds from the original model as well.

You can download Leela from here.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder and htey will be placed in the correct locations.




Mr.Damage | Tuesday 14 May 2019 - 10:09 | Model | No comments
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New Player Model - Female Coffy

In the early years of Kingpin  released the first custom player model for Kingpin called Anthea.
Not only was it the first but it was an original model (most player models in Kingpin are converted from other games).

He also created another model called Coffy but left the Kingpin scene before releasing it.

Luckily I saw him in a server rcently and got him to send me the model.
Coffe is another original model. Coffe is a black female, has full Kingpin weapon support but uses a bat instead of the pipe. She also has sunglasses and raybans as extras.

EvilBunny only made a couple of skins so I asked to make a few more which he did.

You can download the Coffy model from here.

Just extract the files to your Kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct location (main/players/female_coffy)



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