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  • Team Twist3D By Whoop Ass
    Elfor sent along the released version of the old Bagman map called Team Twist3D (we only had the beta version). The map was made by - Whoop Ass Team Twist3D is a small Bag
  • Bagman Map Added To Archive
    Here is a Bagman map by  Whoop Ass we didn't have. The map is called BM Village beta2 (we only had beta1). It's a Bagman version of the de_village map that was converted f
  • Central Towers Urban Death Match Map
    After posting about the re-textured version of KPDM5 the other day I thought it would be good to post about the other versions of the map that people might not know exist.
  • Team Captive Bagman Map
    Team Captive, by Whoop Ass , is a really nice looking Bagman map. I don't remember ever seeing this map before. It is a medium sized, well layed out map, that has a mediev
  • Prophet's Tomb Bagman Map
    Prophet's Tomb is a nice looking, Egyptian themed, Bagman map made by Whoop Ass . It is a medium sized map, has 28 player spawns and at the time Whoop Ass described it as:
  • The Frag Pipe Death Match Map
    Another of the classic Quake 2 death match maps is The frag Pipe. It has been converted to Kingpin twice. Once by Pigwhistler and also by Whoop Ass . From the Quake Wiki:-
  • Mancer 2 Death Match Map
    Mancer 2 is a map which is also a conversion/remake from Duke Nukem 3D and was a collaboration between  Fredz and Whoop Ass . Mancer 2 is a small death match map. The main
  • Whoop Ass Bagman Map Pack Updated
    We hosted a map pack of all the Bagman maps Whoop Ass has made but it was badly out of date not having been updated since 2002! So I spent a couple of hours yesterday sear
  • Team Ice Bagman Map
    Here is a fun little Bagman map called Team Ice beta made by Whoop Ass . It's a Bagman map set in an Ice Hockey Arena. The bases are in the changing rooms and the money dr
  • Team Pound Bagman Map
    Pits of Unimaginable Neverending Doom!!, or team_pound, is a great looking Bagman map made by Whoop Ass and   Jaxon . It is a medium to large Bagman map set in space. It's
  • Screenshots Of Work In Progress Map
    Master mapper Whoop Ass is currently working on a new death match map. It's still in it's early stages of development but it's already looking good. Here are some screens
  • Two Bagman Maps Added
    When looking for maps to add to Killa's server over the weekend we found two Bagman map we didn't host here. I have now added these maps. Team H6 Beta - A small, standard,
  • Bloodygallery Death Match Map
    Captain Death has sent in a list of all the maps he has so I can check which ones we don't host here. Both his list and the maps sent in by Whoop Ass feature a lot of maps
  • Another New Map By Whoop Ass
    Whoop Ass has released a new death match map called Zoar. The name means small in Hebrew. This is a small, urban style, death match map. This map is meant for fast action
  • Cires Cabrini Death Map Map Added
    Another map Whoop Ass sent in that we didn't have in our map archive  is Cires Cabrini by Cirep(TDC). Any older maps I post about in the next week or two will have been se
  • DM Downtown 2016 Death Match Map Released
    Whoop Ass has now released his new map DM Downtown 2016. As I said earlier it is a death match version of one of his Bagman maps. It is a medium sized map that uses mostly
  • Screenshots Of New Death Match Map
    Whoop Ass is working on converting one of his Bagman maps to death match after a request from Froz3n. It should be done soon but in the mean time here are some shots of DM
  • Downtown 2 Beta Death Match Map
    Way back in 2005 Whoop Ass released this fun little death match map called Downtown 2 Beta. It has a pretty unique look due to the use of custom textures so it's Kingpin b

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